July 1989 Bigfoot of Oregon Sighting near Laverne Park.

Fall 1996 Bigfoot of Oregon Bigfoot of Oregon Bigfoot dug up a freshly buried dog near Coquille. Pictures taken.

October 2010 Bigfoot of Oregon Early morning sighting by a hunter in Hugo area.

Summer 2010 Bigfoot of Oregon Tacks found near Ashland, Or

Fall 1978 Bigfoot of Oregon Southern Oregon man hears late night footsteps around mobile home, by Jump-off Joe Creek Rd. near Grants Pass.

July 1978 Two young campers have frightful, dawn encounter near Cave Junction.

October 1975 BFRO Young hunter sees and hears a Sasquatch near Applegate. 23771

July 1975 Bigfoot of Oregon Daytime sighting by swimmers in Wolf Creek area.Pictures

August 2006 BFRO Oregon psychologist observes a creature resembling Bigfoot about 60 feet away while hiking on a trail with his family. 678

Summer 2014 Sighting spotted by family near Applegate Lake.

November 1978 Bigfoot of Oregon Hikers followed by 3 Sasquatches along Pacific Crest Trail near Benson Plateau.

Fall 2012 BFRO Boy encounters animal near Lemolo Lake12021

Summer 1975 Preacher and 3 friends see 8 foot creature near The Dalles.

October 2004 BFRO Early evening close encounter near Bandon by mushroom hunters leaving the forest 42352

Fall 1971 BFRO Witness recalls face to face encounter with creature near Myrtle Point 25531

August 2002 BFRO Girl describes close encounter on family property in the Lookingglass / Roseburg area 22996

October 2002 BFRO Driver stops, approaches bigfoot on foot 8227

Winter 2006 BFRO Daylight sighting by mother and daughter at the Illinois River outside Cave Junction 26646

June 2005 BFRO Witness sees biped leaving her yard 12019

July 7th 1978 Bigfoot of Oregon 2 young adults get surrounded by vocalizations near McGuire Reservoir.

July 23 2018 Bigfoot of Oregon research has sighting of Bigfoot eating crawdads in Douglas County. Got print.



Fall 2016 Bigfoot of Oregon Huge branches were breaking along a local tree lined Juneau beach and then woman caught a glimpse of a large creature that began throwing very large rocks.


June 2012 BFRO Beaverhead County, MT. Fresh print found close to where man got truck stuck. 40524 Picture

September 2012 BFRO Deer hunter on the Flathead Indian Reservation passes a tall biped on the roadside 36759

October 2007 BFRO Possible sighting and wood knocks heard near Swan Lake 21907

BFRO Daylight sighting by mother and daughter at the Illinois River outside Cave Junction


June 19 1982 Sighting by father and 12 year old son while out on lake Jamoco.


November 2017 Sighting of Sasquatch on I-80 near MM 198 was originally reported to Nebraska State Troopers, however they did not make it to the location before creature was gone.26646