In the Beginning

I had heard stories from my grandpa about something he saw in the woods right across from his property. I think at the time I was too young to really comprehend all the stories told. Then one fateful day, I was tinkering in my grandpa's carport with him. I didn't care what we did, I just wanted to hang out with him. He was such an amazing man and my hero. He was putting together a crawdad net (we often would walk down to the river, cross the swinging bridge that ran across the river and his property and we would catch crawdads for supper). He went to go grab something, although I can't remember what right now and I stayed in the carport. As I stood out there tinkering around, to my left I had a weird sensation, as though I was being watched. Now keep in mind my grandparents had a very large garden fenced in with electric fencing to keep the deer out. This fencing started to the left of the carport and went back, wrapping around the house, the wood storage and ending at the entrance to go down to the river.

I soon realized that the sensation of being watched was even more real when I saw movement to my left. This area mostly contained the raspberries my grandma used for making her jams and jellies. I very slowly turned my head only, but left my body perfectly still, as if whatever was there would not see me moving. What I saw was big and black and looked like it had breasts. Specifically since she was leaning through the electric fencing and her breast was laying on top of the wires, reaching towards the raspberries. I am guessing that the fence must have been turned off at this time. Then I noticed that as she slowly picked the berries, that she was also keeping an eye on me. At this point, I got super scared and I remember my lip was starting to quiver for I surely knew that all she had to do was walk a few feet further down around the fence and she would be standing right beside me. Right then, my grandpa came out and said we were going to the store for a soda-pop. I could not have been more thankful at that very moment. I never told him what I saw that day.

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