Bigfoot and fires and a story in Applegate

Lately, as most of the western half of the United States has seen, we have been devastated by the vast amount of forests gone up in fires. This is scary for all of us, but what does this do to the natural habitat? What does Bigfoot do? I tell you what he does, he runs! Yes, of course he does. He is not going to sit there and just catch on fire, but does he come back to what was once home, or does he continue on and make a new home?

According to National Geographic, "What's more, when the flames begin, animals don't just sit there and wait to be overcome. Birds will fly away. Mammals will run. Amphibians and other small creatures will burrow into the ground, hide out in logs, or take cover under rocks. And other animals, including large ones like elk, will take refuge in streams and lakes. Some animals die in the smoke and fire—those that can't run fast enough or find enough shelter. Young and small animals are particularly at risk in a wildfire."

My good friend Lori told me that she has seen an unusually high amount of wildlife in her area. That's to be expected though as all the wildlife is running to survive. Does this mean that Bigfoot is on the run too? Are encounters more likely?

Most biologist would agree that top predators will likely feed off of the animals that are unable to make it out of the section of forest that is in direct danger of being engulfed with smoke first and then the fire that is rapidly descending upon their habitat area, in what I can only imagine as a stampede This very question always comes up every summer like clockwork, "Where is Bigfoot now?" I don't have a crystal ball to say where exactly he would go to, but I would imagine that he is one of the very last ones out of his area......or maybe he is the first to leave.

Now Larry, who lives out in the Applegate area had a very recent experience that he believes was in fact Bigfoot on his property.

It all started when I woke up to my dog whining and pacing at the foot of his bed. The red glow of my alarm clock said 2:17 a.m. All I could think of was "Really, why didn't you go out with me when I was smoking right before bed?" We had this routine that we went through every night, I would turn off the TV, turn on a little nightlight my wife always had for "Just in case the kids come home" but truth be told, they have been off to college and started their own lives now. I think it really just soothes her and then me and my dog River, would go for a smoke and a pee. Anyway, my wife nudged me and said "Larry, your dog has to pee," so I sat up and slipped on my slippers and reached for my pack of smokes and walked to the sliding glass door, which is where I always let River out.

The moment I stopped in front of that sliding door right before I flipped on the porch light, I got a very quick glance of what I thought at first to be a man in my yard, which was nothing more than a silhouette seen from the moon light and the glow from the night light on the wall. I quickly thought "what the..." flipped the porch light on and damn near swallowed my tongue as I stood there in sheer frozen disbelief. What I saw was definitely not a man in my yard. He quickly (and I mean very quickly) went to the tree line and disappeared. I grabbed the flashlight and the shotgun and cracked open the slider just a tad, in fear that this creature would burst upon me and enter my house.

I was trembling so badly that I could barely get the flashlight turned on and dropped it, landing on the porch. My wife, quickly outstretched her arm and put another flashlight in my face, which made me jump and let out a holler since I had no idea she was even out of bed. I gave her a look and she said, "hurry up before it destroys my flowers" but it was long gone.

We stayed up the rest of the night with a pot of coffee. As soon as daylight hit, we carefully investigated our property where we had seen the creature and where I saw it go into the tree line. We did not see much of any kind of footprints, but the bucket my wife filled with apples that fall to the ground as the season goes on, was knocked over and tossed all over the place. We put up and electric fence soon after.