Incident at McGuire Reservoir

Many years ago on a hot July evening n in 1978 a young couple, Larry and Pam, decided to beat the summer heat and head on over to McGuire reservoir. This reservoir sits over in Yamhill county and is closed off to the public, but on this hot summer night, getting some much needed coolness from the heat and some alone time was needed.

The couple was able to get inside of the reservoir and park the car to go for an evening swim. Nothing more than the moonlight and stars and the car parked nearby to light up the night sky.

After a bit of time had passed the couple began to hear a noise. At first Pam thought that some coyotes or wolves were getting close to them and she began to feel uncomfortable about being their. Larry on the other hand was instantly thinking that this was not any animal he had every encountered before, not on any hike or hunting expedition he had ever been on, and wanted to find out who or what the noises were coming from.

Now keep in mind, the McGuire Reservoir is tucked away from the hustle of cars traveling and other campers, but there was no doubt about it that something was out their and something was growling at us. All the while the thing or maybe things were with every intent appearing to get closer and closer.

Larry for whatever reason decided to respond to these howl's and instantly got a reply. He would respond and then one of them would respond. To this day, Larry says that he feels that they were not threatening and these yells to him, seemed more like they were communicating. Pam on the other hand, did not feel safe anymore.Finally, they heard one deep yell, and that was all it took for her. The couple got in the car and realized that the headlights were not working and they would be stuck their until morning. They remained the rest of the night in the car until enough daylight was available to get the heck out of that reservoir.

It should be noted that over the years, several other reports and even a sighting has been reported in that area. In 1990 a set of prints near the banks were taking from near this experience.