Bigfoot of Oregon Field Researcher Encounter

Just last week, Monday July 23rd Myself and a fellow investigator, spent the night at a site where in 2015, I had an encounter 3 days in a row, just 20 miles outside of town.

The evening started out kind of poor in that we spent the first couple of hours cleaning up trash left by other campers, but later that night, a beautiful 3/4 moon clear and warm evening, we did some hiking along the logging roads, we did't do many calls but did do a few wood knocks, and twice got what sounded like return knocks. Most of the night was just spent listening to the regular night sounds , kind of familiarizing ourselves with the local noises, and at one time we even heard way off up-canyon what sounded like a vocalization. At about midnight we returned to camp and turned in for the night. Sometime after moon-set, I had to get up, and when exiting my SUV, I spooked an animal from our campsite. The footsteps could be heard striking the "hard-pan" dirt as it quickly took off back toward the creek and up a rock strewn side creek turning over rocks along the way. My first thought was "bear" due to the trash we had picked up earlier, but it didn't sound like what a bear normally sounds like. There was no startled woof or other noise and the footsteps sounded more bipedal. I ended up staying up the rest of the night and made some coffee. I was on my second cup when it started getting light and my fellow researcher got up from her vehicle.

We talked a bit about the earlier incident and when it got light enough to see well, we walked down toward the creek and along side the pathway and in the dust was a very clear 16+ inch print. and down in the creek itself was a second print in the mud. My partner made a quick trip to town for casting supplies and I stayed at the site to insure no one disturbed the prints. By the time my fellow researcher returned, the print in the mud was already deteriorating from the water so we concentrated our pour on the dust print, a very difficult and slow pour due to the slope and how fine the dust was.

Although I have not seen the cast we did yet as my partner, has it doing the finish clean-up, she has told be that it did "take" the print, though not as well as we would have liked, it was visible. One notable thing about this print is that it had the same odd appearing big toe as was a print I saw 3 years earlier, indicating the possibility of a returning individual or even a more established environmental area of habitat. Food sources are abundant

, berries of all kinds and crawdads in the creek which show signs of some being harvested. This area is going to be a "go to" area for future searches.

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